PORTRAITS IN PRIDE (An ongoing personal project)
We are found in every place, every religion, every race.

We are actors, accountants, farmers, and fire fighters. We are laborers, lawyers, policemen, and politicians.

We are daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, friends and lovers.

We pursue our dreams, celebrate our achievements, mourn our losses. We laugh. We cry.

We are who we are. We are proud.

Portraits in Pride is an ongoing personal project that captures some of the depth and diversity of this global community known as LGBTQ. And, as surely as it reflects the differences among us, it captures the many ways in which we are the same...both within the LGBTQ community and with all of humanity.

Murray and Marvin (Antarctica 2002) celebrated their 67th anniversary in 2011. In that year they were married in New York City.