Professionally, my work focuses on portraiture, events, and--with Bodyscapes--the male body. The inspiration for my work has come primarily from within the LGBT community. As a gay man, I have come to know and respect the diversity of our community. As a photographer, I have learned to capture our true essence in my images. I work in digital (both color and black and white). I shoot on location (home, office, park, playground, the street), as well as in my studio loft in Hoboken, NJ.As a child in the 1950's, I learned the power of the still image. In 1998, I began to explore my growing passion for photography. Technical training at The New School was followed by extensive coursework in portraiture and personal projects at The International Center of Photography. My photography has been influenced by such artists as Imogen Cunningham, William Gedney, George Platt Lynes, David Armstrong, and John Coplans.

In addition to Portraits in Pride, my current personal projects include Bodyscapes: Exploration of the Male Landscape. Bodyscapes provides the viewer with an opportunity to connect to the human body in a way never before experienced.